Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back in the USA, from China, Tibet and Mongolia

I haven't written for quite a while -- traveling in Asia.  I couldn't even get to my blog there, so I will have to share my adventures in the next few entries.  Also, I took so many pictures -- the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Great Wall, Gobi desert in Mongolia, Potala Palace in Tibet, Panda bears in China, and on and on.  Once I get organized I will share them.  But, here's one Lucky Sea Glass story from China:

I was climbing to the top of a Pagoda in western China along with a friend and my husband, when we met a young woman from China.  Later, as we stopped on the way down for a drink, we met again, and I complimented her on the hat she was wearing.  Well, soon she insisted that I take it as a gift from her!  I really couldn't refuse, so I offered her a seaglass barrette I was wearing in return.  She immediately put it in her lovely, long dark hair -- and we both laughed, took pictures of each other!  Now, Lucky Sea Glass is in China!  And, I have a new hat.

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